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This tournament ERA and points total will be year specific, supporting all tournament approved books, and WILL BE a Battlefront Nationals Tournament

Details: Registration: Email me at
Date: (see specific years info)

Times: See year specific

Location: Texas Forces historical museum at Camp Mabry!

Points: (consistent with this years nationals) points
Games: 2 hour and 30 minute games. We will also be playing 5 games.  3 on Saturday, 2 on sunday!

Players: 50+

Cost: 30.00

Prize support: Yes-sir, plus nationals custom objective markers from Battlefront

Organizer: Mark Bayne
Referee: Mark Bayne

We will be using the FOW scoring system and format for deciding who goes first. We will be using a newer version/option for defensive battle determination, please see the FAQ below.
We will be judging sportsmanship.
We will be SEPERATELY judging painting, peer reviewed and ranked.

Tournament schedule: 

1. Have fun as that’s all that this is really about, so please come to enjoy yourself! Arrive and check in on time! History of your list will help, it will be judged by your peers and me. Display boards and unit history ALWAYS help! Be there by 9 am at the latest please.

2. Bring 6 copies of your list, one for each opponent and one for yourself.

3. Send me your list 2 WEEKS in advance, with the book it’s out of, later and you will be put on the waiting list as we are almost maxed out with participants and already have some on the waiting/tentative list.
  Note:    There will be an army available, so if you don’t have one and want to watch, and/or hope to participate, you may have that opportunity.

4. We do prize support for the top spots, and random prize support, so we try to give at least half the participants something for their time, so don’t feel like you have to win to get a decent prize! 
         UPDATE:  This year we are providing prize support for best tables
5. Sportsmanship will count for 10 percent of your overall score, it works very simply:
            a. You have a 1 to a 6 (best of the 6) rating that you will assign to your opponent (this will not be shown or shared with your opponent) at the end of the tournament, and may use a rating 1 time only. Therefore someone will have a rating of a 2 (worse of the 5 but not necessarily a bad sport), and someone will have a rating of a 6 (the best sport you faced).  1 will only be used in really bad situations, please fill me in if you plan to record a rating of a 1.

6. Bring Cash
             a. Extra Sodas, water and chips will be .50 cents
7. Terrain rules will be clearly defined, if you have any questions you can ask the T.O (me) or roll on it.  WYSISWYG in most cases.

8. The best source for finding a local hotel is on Yelp, centering in on Camp Mabry and east, it should pull up 10 to 12 good hotels that are in close proximity to the museum. Please remember to bring your driver’s license as this is on an army base!

10. IF you can, PLEASE bring a table of terrain and meet me at the museum on Friday, around 2pm! Be sure to email me if you are bringing anything, as that will reduce how much I have to rent.  There will be prizes for best table

11. Scenarios:
      1. Year specific

12. Victors will receive a bonus of 1 point, IF they reached (at least) round 6 (or won outright).

13. A previously proposed defensive battle change from Battlefront will be used, which consists of:
a. 9 platoons or more ignore first platoon loss (standard V3 rule)

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