Prizes and scoring details:

Prize support will be tremendous, with donations, battlefront, half of the door fee and some vendor support, we are shooting for 1500 dollars in support.

First prize = Best Overall
Second Prize = Best General
Third place = Third place
Best Axis
Best Allied
Best minor nation
Best Painted
Best Sport
Best Table x2 (NEW!!)
Pyrrhic Victor
25(ish) random prizes

Raffle for Painted platoons or possibly a company

Sports scores will be 10 percent of your overall score for tie breaking only

Painting will NOT be a part of the victor points, but judged seperatly.  Must be self painted.

PAinting will be scored by your opponent, as follows:
1 point if primed (no bare metal please)
2 points if less then 3 colors on all models with basic basing.
3 points if 3 color minimum and basic basing has been applied
4 points if nicely painted and based, good quality
5 points if done with a high level of detail for basing and painting, the extra mile has been achieved.

 A panel of 3 will then judge the top 5 participants (as rated by peers) and reward the best model and best painted army accordingly.

Standard scoring, plus 1 point for winning IF you finished after round 6 or completed the game.  Timing out before round 6 will not give you the bonus point as the defender.

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