2Welcome to the BANE OF WAR 7 tournament
January 14 and 15
This year we will be playing Late War, at 1515 points, in all theaters (all lists in the Late War Books, Forces and approved PDF’s).
50 players - Players will pre-pay and pre-register to be guaranteed a spot
Where: Texas Military forces museum, 2200 West 35th Street. Camp Mabry
BoW participants play in a WWII museum, surrounded by WWII Tanks, planes, halftracks and much more!
We will be moving many more of our tables out onto the floor this year.
What does this mean to you?
First, pre-register @ register@baneofwar.com in paypal @ $30.00- Allowing 22 allied and 22 axis armies, so sign up soon! Armies should only be chosen from the Late War books, or PDF’s that are applicable to that period.
Scoring –
Typical FOW scoring, adding a plus 1 if you win and either wiped your opponent, captured the objective, or reached the end of round 6. (Timing someone out before round 6, and receiving the win will not give you the bonus point).
Special Rules –
ALL lists get the same free sporadic air, this will take your air slot but does not count against your points.
- 4/5/2+ bombs - 4/6/3+ rockets- 3/3/5+ mgs - NOT flying Tanks or jets. US TD security teams that moved in the previous round causes the TD section to shoot as if moved, same if they moved that round.
Sportsmanship scores are added at 10 percent.
Number of Wins will be used as a tie breaker
Painting will be in its own category having no affect on the overall winner.
Organizer: Mark Bayne mark@baneofwar.com
Referee: Mark Bayne, and…
Tables - Table/terrain awards will be given.
o Mid - war opens up all kinds of cool table possibilities! Please sign up with these
COST- $30.00 entry fee – PRE-PAY via PayPal, check or money order! You can pay at the door but that will not guarantee you a spot. When spots are filled, they are gone. Does not include food this year, you will be paying the vendor directly for your meal.
I will be only adding people to the list who pre-pay. Pre-pay will be partially refunded if canceled 3 weeks prior if you cannot attend, minus 5.00 for transaction fees. No refund for any reason after 3 weeks, due to my expenditures for prize support and such.
Similar FOOD PLAN THIS YEAR! Evil Weiner was a hit last year; we will try something similar for a food truck this year.
T-Shirts are available for sale, I will send and post previews. T-shirts this year will come in sizes up to 4XL or XT, designs will be displayed before sale of shirts becomes available.
o These must be pre-ordered and pre-paid, via PayPal, check or money order. Raffles; all proceeds are donated to the Museum. Extra Sodas, water and chips will be .50 cents.
Painting (does not affect your overall score) Painting will be scored by your opponent (his opinion) as follows:
o 1 point if Minimum base color (color primer is fine) (no bare metal please)
o 2 points if 3 color minimum and basic basing has been applied
o 3 points if nicely painted and based, good quality
o 4 points if done with a high level of detail for basing and painting
o 5 points if exceptional with a very high detail, everything is superb.
Maybe consider theater specific for this as well
Overall best painted DOES NOT have to be theater specific. Finalists will then be judged by a team of 4 at the end of the tournament. Secondary painting award
o Objectives and Best Platoon will also be awarded.
Friday January 13th
16:00 – Texas military forces museum at Camp Mabry for setup.
19:30 –???? – Meet at Abel’s on the Lake for dinner and to partake in refreshments.
Saturday January 14th
08:00 – 08:55 Set-Up and Registration (will be faster due to pre-pay)
09:00 – 12:00 Round 1 – Blind Domination
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch – Austin’s famous food trucks!!
12:30 – 15:00 Round 2 – Breakthrough
15:00 – 15:30 Break/Army parade
15:30 – 18:30 Round 3 – Counter Attack
19:00 – Dinner at North x Northwest (unless better recommendation)
Sunday January 15th
08:00 – 08:30 Set-up
08:30 – 11:30 Round 4 – Pincer
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch FOOD TRUCK!!
12:30 – 15:30 Round 5 – Dust Up
15:30 – 16:00 POW Exchange and Clean up
16:00 – 17:00 Awards and Pictures
Bring 6 copies of your list, one for each opponent and one for yourself. Send me your list by January 5th. Please do not send it in late.
  name Axis prepaid     Ally   Prepaid
1 Adam Davis German Armor 1   1 Andrew Hopson   1
2 Alex Montileone German Armor 1   2 Andrew Kennemer   1
3 Anthony Wilson   1   3 Ben Floyd   1
4 Avery Penilton Finnish Armor 1   4 Brad Feliz   1
5 Carl Bellatti   1   5 Bryan Koches US Inf 1
6 Chris Jackson   1   6 Charlie Clay Soviet Armor 1
7 Chris Kitchen   1   7 Chris Fretts   1
8 Colin Mckenzie   1   8 Clay Longino   1
9 Eric Warren German Armor 1   9 Cole Brandt   1
10 Hal Rudd   1   10 David Vigor Soviet Inf 1
11 James Johnson   1   11 David Yllanes Brit Infantry 1
12 Jesse Seals   1   12 Everette Chun US Inf 1
13 John Hermann Germ Inf 1   13 Gene Evans Soviet Inf 1
14 john Tarchis German Armor 1   14 Gordon Gregson   1
15 Jon Wolf Germ Inf 1   15 Henry Brandt   1
16 Justin Baeza   1   16 Hugh Cringle US Mech 1
17 Kevin Hinds   1   17 Ian Baker   1
18 Leo Colon German Armor 1   18 Jacob Mayer   1
19 Mark Riney   1   19 Jair Bobys   1
20 Mike Callahan   1   20 Jason Moses   1
21 Paul Obrien   1   21 Jerald Springer   1
22 Rich Haddock   1   22 Joe Lewis   1
23 Scott Mckenzie   1   23 Kyle Miller   1
24 Scott Miller Germ Inf 1   24 Mike Bosold   1
25 Sid Stallings   1   25 Nathan Dibbern   1
26 Warren Silliman   1   26 Sid Stallings JR   1
27 Will Yankausky   1   27 Thomas Gall Russian Inf 1


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