Bane of War VI was run in Austin, Texas at the Camp Mabry Texas Military Museum, over two days and 24 tables of interesting and challenging terrain setup by the players themselves. 
We had 46 participants, just short of the 50 goal due to some last minute cancelations.  We had players from all over the country, including from Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Georgia, New York, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado.As one of my participants said, “The location was in many ways perfect. It was held at Camp Mabry inside the Texas Military museum; quite something to be but a few feet away from real WWII gear. Within their collection a Stuart, Sherman, Hetzer, 251, Kubelwagen, PaK 38 and lots of other items across various eras from the Texas War of Independence up to the modern day.”  There is an area called Armor Row, which has tanks from WWII to the Abrams all parked in two rows, single file, that you can crawl all over and experience, as well as many other kinds of armored vehicles.
Able Company took home the day with my friend and a very skilled player, Chris Fretts, winning Bane of War with outstanding play using his American ARMORED list.  They are a really talented bunch, giving all the players a real challenge in every game.  Also to Jim Johnson for best sport and a perfect score (which has only been done 3 times ever, due to how I do sportsmanship)American lists dominated the day with only 1 Russian list in the top 10 and 2 german lists. The German lists mainly secured the bottom have of the standings with only two cracking the top 20. We only had a few British and soviet lists, with the majority being American and German.Stealing another quote, “The prize table was its own brand of awesome”. Between F.A.T. maps, a Fretts box, Miniature Building Authority buildings, TableWar Army box/display case and army/platoon boxes from BattleFront there was lots to be had and every player left with something.
Chris Fretts – Best General
Jim Johnson – Best Sportsman
Chris Jackson – 1st place
Jacob Mayer – Best German
Gordon Gregson – Best Eastern Front Ally
Jair Bobys – Best Western Front Ally
Justin Baez – Best painted army (beautiful stuff!)
Gorden Gregson – Best painted platoon
Chris Fretts and Jim Johnson – Terra-forming masters (best terrain)
Sid Stallings – Pyrrhic Victor (not a last place consolation prize, it requires hard fought games with a losing record and still a very high sports score, hard to achieve!)
I want to say a special thank you to Battlefront for their support, as well as TableWar designs and Miniature building authority and Camp Mabry. You help make this a truly special event!
I want to say another thank you to Jacob Mayer for helping me run the tournament while playing, and the crew that stayed late and came early to helped setup and tear down.  I could not have done it without you, you are truly the best!

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