First place: Garry Herman
Second Place: Bill Wilcox
Third Place: Mike Miller
Best Axis: Gene Evens
Best Allied: Ian Baker
Best Soviet: Steve Leopard
Best Painted: Biff Coon
Best Sport!:Everette Chun
A general amongst generals, Eric Warren making the move to win.Biff deep in thought, thinking how to pull off a win, for best painted!  Garry Hermman in the background picking on Steve Leopard with his panther pack.
Our local beloved crazy, Andy Blozinsky reliving a past life, unbeknownst to Mark Cole.Once you get past all the bald heads, this is only a portion of the room and players that came to Bane of War II.Jacob, our local American army top dog vs. the master, Bill Wilcox battling him to a grueling 4-3.  Matt was there, hopefully getting far prettier pictures that someday he will give me!
There were some beautiful armies that came to playThe driving bushes are really tanks, I swear it!Panzers on the prowl

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