Welcome to the BANE OF WAR tournament th – 19th 1485 points, in North Africa and Italian Theaters (all lists in the North Africa book and applicable pdfs). 2200 West 35th Street. Camp Mabry

BoW participants play in a WWII museum, surrounded by Shermans, halftracks and much more!

We will be moving many more of our tables out onto the floor this year.

What does this mean to you?

 First, pre-register. I am going to do it a bit different and only allow 40 allied and 40 axis armies, so sign up soon!

 Armies should only be chosen from the North Africa Mid-War book, or PDF’s that are applicable to that theater.



Lists from Eastern front will be accepted, if you can prove that a mirror to that company was active in NA/IT, but is not available in the current book. If that is the case a history must be provided.

Scoring –

 Typical FOW scoring, adding a plus 1 if you win and either wiped your opponent, captured the objective, or reached the end of round 6.


(Timing someone out before round 6, and receiving the win will not give you the bonus point). Sportsmanship scores are used for tiebreakers, and are added at 10 percent. will also be used if necessary Painting will be in its own category having no affect on the overall winner. painting competition bonus point.


: Mark Bayne mark@baneofwar.com

Tables -

 Table/terrain awards will also be given, and more focus will be put on these this year. Italian and Desert boards are very much needed! Please sign up with these early.

Not everything will be desert; much of Italy is VERY hilly and green, with villa’s and roads. Please bring tables of both kinds if you can. Many small villages and villas in the Mediterranean style (stucco with red tile roofs, like Spanish). Fields in the low lands. Orchards on the hill sides. Light woods mixed in.


 $20.00 entry fee

 $10.00 extra for 2 days of food which will be provided.



including donuts,


4 slices of pizza and 2 sodas for one day


Subs and 2 drinks for the next

(Subs will be MUCH better this year.)

I am working on getting a Texas BBQ to cater Sunday... T-Shirts are available for sale, I will send and post previews. T-shirts are $15.50 and Polo’s are $19.00, add 1 dollar for XXL (I know, that’s a lot of us!)


These must be pre-ordered and pre-paid, via PayPal, check or credit card. We will have an army for raffle; all proceeds are donated to the Museum.


Girl Scout cookies will be for sale as well.


My daughters will guilt you into purchasing at least one box, so be prepared!

Prize Support-

 Last year was pretty insane; this year should be the same.

 Everyone will get a swag bag and a prize



Every year will have something different in the bag so return participants will get all kinds of cool goodies.

Painting (

does not affect your overall score) Painting will be scored by your opponent (his opinion) as follows:


1 point if primed (no bare metal please)


2 points if 3 color minimum and basic basing has been applied


3 points if nicely painted and based, good quality


4 points if done with a high level of detail for basing and painting


5 points if exceptional with a very high detail, everything is superb.

Maybe consider theater specific for this as well

Overall best painted DOES NOT have to be theater specific.

Finalists will then be judged by a team of 4 at the end of the tournament. Secondary painting award


Objectives and Best Platoon will also be awarded.


Friday January 17


15:00 – Meet at Great Hall Games

16:00 – Texas military forces museum at Camp Mabry for setup.

20:00 –???? – Meet at Abel’s on the Lake for dinner and to partake in refreshments.

Saturday January 18

08:00 – 09:00 Set-Up and Registration

09:30 – 12:00 Round 1 – Fighting Withdrawal

(into lunch)

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch – Pizza, chip and 2 drinks

13:00 – 15:30 Round 2 – Free-for-All

15:30 – 16:00 Break/Army parade

16:00 – 18:30 Round 3 – Breakthrough

18:30 – Dinner at North x Northwest

Sunday January 19th

08:00 – 09:00 Set-up

09:00 – 11:30 Round 4 – No Retreat

11:30 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 15:00 Round 5 – Dust Up

15:00 – 15:45 POW Exchange and Clean up

15:45 – Awards and Pictures

Bring 6 copies of your list, one for each opponent and one for yourself. Send me your list by January 5th. Please do not send it in late, sending it in before January gets you one free raffle ticket!

 Extra Sodas, water and chips will be .50 cents.  Referee: Mark Bayne, Matt Kibbe and Chris Arnold  Historically accurate (for this theater) painted armies will be given one

 A company level history, written and provided, will receive a bonus point.



  allies Axis
1 adam rios Adam Davis
2 Andrew Kennemer Andy Blozinsky
3 Bill Dorias Ben Kimball
4 Bob Putnam Biff Coon
5 Bruce Nemet Byron Sinor
6 Bryan Koches Charles Clay
7 Caleb Vicks Clay Longino
8 Chris Baker Clint McClaren
9 Chris Fretts Collin Mckenzie
10 Chris Kitchen Gary Overmyer
11 Cory Smith Gene Evens
12 Curtis McClaren Greg Horner
13 david Beeson Hal Rudd
14 Doug Rossen Ian Baker
15 Doug Whittenberg J.R. Armstrong
16 Ed forbes  (SH) Jacob Grossbauer
17 ed leland Jair Bobby's
18 Eric Warren Jando Kibbe
19 Everette Chun Jason Moses
20 Jacob Mayer Jerald Springer
21 James Boyd Jim Rush
22 Jason Smith Joe Abriz
23 John Desch Joe Lewis
24 Joseph Burns Jon Wolf
25 Joseph Paquette Kyle Peterson
26 Justin Baeza Michael Callahan
27 Mark greenwald Michael Jacobs
28 Mark Reed (SH) Michael Lewis
29 Mark Riney Russ Levy
30 Mike Gomez scott Mckenzie
31 Mike Mansfield (SH) Steve Kersten
32 Rich Haddock Steve Leopard
33 Robert Everson Steven Smith
34 Scott Bartel Todd Wikel
35 Sid stallings Trey STalling
36 steve tinsley Trey Marshal
37 william nunnery warren Silliman
38 Josef Johnson (t) wesley knight
39 Tom Burgess (T) Will Hanson
40 Bill Wilcox (t) Will Yankausky
Jason Hobbs (T)
Matt Kibbe (Assistant/floater)
Chris Arnold (assistant)
SH = Switch hitter capable  



January 18


This year we will be playing mid-war, at


80 players max

Where: Texas Military forces museum,

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